CFast Cards: High-Speed Photography at Your Fingertips


CFAST™ 2.0

With a Video Performance Grade 130 (VPG-130), speed will not dip below 130MB/s—a level required by high performance cinema and photography cameras. No dropped frames when creating 6K, 4K, Full HD and high bit rate MPEG-4 files. ProGrade Digital CFast 2.0 streamlines Motion JPEG. Cards are guaranteed to perform at a maximum read rate of up to 550MB/s, and maximum write rate of up to 450MB/s.

CFast Card Technical Specs

Capacity: 128GB / 256GB / 512GB

Read Speed: Up to 550MB/s

Write Speed: Up to 450MB/s

Form Factor: CFast 2.0

Dimensions: 1.7″ x 1.4″ x 0.13″ (43 mm x 36 mm x 3.3 mm)

Operating Temperature: 32℉ to 158℉ (0℃ to +70℃)

Storage Temperature: -40℉ to +212℉ (-40℃ to +100℃)


Compatibility Charts

Compatibility charts showing which cards to use with many popular cameras including action cameras, drones, DSLRs, mirrorless and video cameras. ProGrade Digital is always testing new models and so check back here for updates.

CFast Card Frequently Asked Questions

What is a CFast Card?

CFast 2.0 memory cards are based on SATA-3 and support bus speeds up to 600MB/s. The CompactFlash Association (CFA) is the organization responsible for the CFast specification along with other industry standards like CompactFlash(TM), XQD(TM) and CFexpress(TM). ProGrade Digital launched CFast 2.0 memory cards in Feb of 2018.

Which Cameras Use CFast Cards?

CFast cards have been used in video cameras from Canon, Black Magic, and ARRI. See the memory card compatibility sheets here for more detail on specific models.

Is CFast the Same as Compact Flash?

CFast and Compact Flash memory cards are often confused with each other because of their similar names and dimensions. However, the connectors for each card are completely different so they can not fit into the same devices. The Compact Flash standard was introduced in 1994 and has not been introduced in any new cameras for over a decade due to its speed and capacity limitations.


Jeff Cable

Jeff Cable

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