Firmware Information

Firmware Information

June 30, 2022 – CFexpress Type B Cobalt Cards (325GB & 650GB) and RED V-Raptor

Message for all RED V-Raptor and ProGrade Digital Cobalt CFexpress Type B customers:

The ProGrade Digital CFexpress Cobalt Type B cards (325GB and 650GB) are now approved to work in the RED V-Raptor and have been included in the recent camera firmware update 1.3.1 Beta from RED as well as the 1.3.4 final version.

Since May 03, 2022, ProGrade Digital started shipping updated cards with Firmware Revision 30.7 which are fully compatible with the V-Raptor. Cards that include the updated 30.7 FW or higher can be identified by the laser-etched serial number on the back that has a “1” in the 4th digit. Cards that have been shipping earlier than May 10, 2022, likely have an older version of firmware that will present a message on the screen of the V-Raptor; “Inserted media is not approved by RED and may result in loss of footage. Use at your own risk. Go to for a list of approved media”.

Serial number example:
Updated serial number: 48A11B4270098 Card with updated firmware that works in the RED V-Raptor

If the fourth digit is a “0” then that card will require a firmware update to enable it to be fully compatible with the V-Raptor. In some cases, older cards that have been updated already by ProGrade Digital will have a red dot applied to the lower right corner of the back side of the card. The presence of a red dot indicates that the card FW has been updated but still retains the older “0” fourth digit serial number. Firmware update process:

  1. Contact ProGrade Digital Support at and provide the serial number(s) for the cards that need to be upgraded:
    • You will also provide your original order information from wherever you made your purchase.
    • Support will issue you an RMA number with details of your case captured in our database.
    • Ship your card(s) back to ProGrade Digital following the instructions in the RMA. Postage is paid by customer.
    • ProGrade Digital will update the firmware for free and ship the card back to you. WARNING: Updating the firmware will permanently delete all data on the card.  Be sure to back any images on the card before sending the card in.  ProGrade Digital is not responsible for any lost files.
      • During the updating, a red dot will be applied to the lower right rear portion of the card indicating that it has been updated. Turnaround time is typically within 2-3 weeks of receipt of the card(s) at ProGrade Digital.


Serial number Camera/Card status Example  
Old serial number Displays a not compatible message on the screen of the RED V-Raptor Ex. 48A01B4270098 Cards with a “0” in the 4th decimal place need to be updated to work with the RED V-Raptor. Cards still work in all other cameras and firmware does not need to be updated for those devices.
New serial number Does work with RED V-Raptor Ex. 48A11B4270098 Cards with the latest firmware with a “1” in the 4th digit.
Updated card by ProGrade Digital Does work with RED V-Raptor Ex. 48A01B4270098 Original serial number with a red dot next to it

If you have any questions about the cards or the process, please contact support at

Thank you,

ProGrade Digital