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What’s Next in Removable Storage?

ProGrade Digital attended the Photo Next show in Yokohama, Japan on June 18th and presented it’s views on where the industry is headed in the area of professional removable storage and workflow in the coming decade. With particular emphasis on emerging technology...

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SD™ Express: A Comparison To CFexpress™

Recently, the SD™ Association (governing body for SD card development and standardization) announced finalization of revision 7.0 for the card SD specification. This revision now includes a section 8.0, which adds an NVMe® compliant, PCIe® interface option. Like the announcement of CFexpress™ 1.0 made by the CompactFlash® Association in August of 2016, the PCIe interface with NVMe provides a scalable path for improved performance in flash-based storage devices, and conforms to industry standards in use for devices such as SSDs.

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Does Data Transfer Speed Matter?

Defining Read and Write Speeds for Photography and Motion Capture
From the earliest days of marketing memory cards for use in digital cameras, manufacturers have used performance (transfer speed) as a measure of product “value positioning.” One underlying reason for this is that some applications can truly benefit from a faster transfer speed, and so the measure of performance has had real value to certain buyers…

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