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Whit Bazemore

Whit Bazemore

Racing Photographer

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Jeff Cable

Jeff Cable

Olympics Photographer

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Colin McMaster

Colin McMaster

Rally Photographer

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ProGrade Digital CFast™ 2.0 Recognized by Industry Peers as “Best Memory Card” at the 2018 Lucie Technical Awards

4th Annual Lucie Technology Technical Awards Winners Celebrated Ceremony Held at Javits Center in New York City October 25, 2018 (New York, NY) - The fourth annual Lucie Technical Awards, an...

ProGrade Digital Announces New Line Of Professional Grade microSDXC™ UHS-II, V60 Memory Cards, Plus Two Additional USB 3.1, Gen. 2 Dual-Slot Workflow Readers

ProGrade Digital announces professional grade microSDXC™ UHS-II, U3, Class 10, V60 memory cards, which deliver maximum read speed of up to 200MB/s and maximum write speed of up to 80MB/s. Company also adds to its family of dual-slot USB 3.1, Gen. 2 workflow readers by introducing microSD™ Dual-Slot Card Reader, plus CompactFlash™ & SD™ Dual-Slot Card Reader. Both offer data transfer rates of up to 10Gb/s (1.25GB/s).

How To Photograph WRC Motor Sports: Colin McMaster Gains Speed With ProGrade Digital

WRC pushes the extremes of man and machine to the limit. Whatever the conditions—glorious or treacherous—the show must go on. I photograph this sport in the blistering sun, dust clouds, thunderstorms, gale force winds, fog, plus snow and ice. My job is to get the shots, then deliver as quickly as I can.

Media Matters, Part 2

Secure Digital (SD) Card Breakdown
If you have an SD card that’s an SDXC UHS-II, U3, Class 10, V90, what do you really have? Let’s break down the ratings and descriptions.

Which Is Better: Format A Memory Card In A Camera Or Format A Memory Card In A Computer?

The need to format a memory card within a camera is advice that’s often passed around in the worlds of photography and video. But when asked, very few can explain why it is important. So, this need is just a myth, right? Well no, not exactly. It’s real, but it’s one of those things that’s never really a problem until it becomes a problem.


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