By ProGrade Digital | August 1, 2022

ProGrade Digital has introduced SDXC/microSDXC UHS-II Dual-Slot Mobile Card PGM0.5), an entirely new memory card reader designed to provide active content creators the freedom to edit on the go.

The PGM0.5 gives content creators the power to download footage from a DSLR or mirrorless camera that uses an SDXC card and a drone or action camera that uses a microSDXC card directly to a mobile device that has a USB Type C connector such as a tablet or smartphone.

With breakthrough data transfer speed, the capability to copy from two memory cards, and a travel-friendly form factor –– the PGM0.5 delivers even more flexibility to content creators looking to expand the limits of their creativity.

State-of-the-Art Memory Card Reader for All Content Creators

Content is everywhere. The witty copy on the side of your plant-based milk carton, the catchy slogan on the back of your jacket, the newsletter in your inbox, even the very article you’re reading right now. It’s all content. And then there’s video. By far the most engaging type of content.

Fueled by the ever-decreasing prices of high-quality cameras and the ever-increasing popularity of social media platforms like YouTube and Tiktok, video content is here to stay. After all, we are hardwired to retain visual content better than an article packed with words.

Who makes all that content? Well, we all do. Social media platforms merely provide the medium that we, in turn, and pretty much voluntarily, fill with engaging mukbangs, tutorials, cat videos, and our epic fails. Not to mention us taking things out of boxes and putting things back into boxes.

So in a sense, we’re all content creators. Some of us have just figured out how to make a living out of it. Hence, producing content on a much bigger scale and in much faster-paced environments, constantly looking for shortcut tools that help speed up the process.

Challenges Content Creators Face

Content creation is challenging. You need to make something out of nothing. And sometimes you need to make it over and over and over again. Consistency is the key to success. Your library of amazing videos is what eventually determines whether you can build a group of dedicated followers and make it in this competitive field or not.

You can’t allow burdening your mind with all sorts of technical stuff; the creative side is demanding enough. Coping with technical failures or working around the limits of your equipment will not get you very far. At least not in the long run.

It goes without saying that when committed to tight content schedules and facing multiple deadlines, you need equipment you can rely on. A camera capable of recording a 4K video is practically useless if it constantly fails on you.

Devil is In the Details

More and more content creators are starting to realize that little details matter. A chain is only as strong as its weakest link. There’s no point in investing in the best camera and the fastest computer only to hinder their capabilities with consumer-grade memory cards.

Most content creators know by now that not all memory cards are created equal, and day by day, more and more of them opt for professional-grade memory cards used in high-end TV and movie productions to squeeze the most out of their cameras.

That said, many still tend to overlook the importance of memory card readers in their workflow. Instead, card readers are often seen merely as dongles meant to connect things and compensate for the missing internal readers. In reality, they’re much more than that.

Cheap card readers are not only slow but also account for most of the card failures and data losses in creators’ workflows.

There’s a New Kid on the Block, and He’s a Mighty One

Meet ProGrade Digital PGM0.5, a portable dual-slot SDXC and microSDXC card reader with a lot of power. Built for dynamic creators and for life on the road.

ProGrade Digital PGM0.5 SDXC/microSDXC card reader utilizes the UHS-II and USB 3.2 Gen 1 interface with the USB Type C connector, allowing you to download your content at up to 5Gb/s (625MB/s).

With the new ProGrade Digital mobile card reader, you can now download your content directly to your mobile device, tablet or smartphone––quickly edit it, upload it, and get back to creating.

Why the ProGrade Digital PGM0.5 SDXC/microSDXC Card Reader is a Game Changer for Mobile Content Creators?

Every content creator––shooting video using drones and action cameras side-by-side with mirrorless and DSLR cameras––can benefit big-time from the ProGrade Digital PGM0.5 SDXC/microSDXC card reader. Especially when editing on the road utilizing mobile devices like tablets or smartphones.

The PGM0.5 readers will provide creative pros the flexibility to edit on the go and take their creativity to new levels. Here’s the PGM0.5 in a nutshell:

  • Slots for both SDXC and microSDXC cards. The PGM0.5 is the first professional-grade mobile card reader that allows you to read and transfer data to and from both SD and microSD cards. No need to buy separate readers anymore. This means you can now download your content from your mirrorless camera that uses SDXC cards and drone or action camera that uses microSDXC cards utilizing just one reader. Even better, you can copy both cards. Less time waiting for downloads. More time for creating. The PGM0.5 UHS-II reader utilizes the new USB 3.2, Gen 1 interface capable of transferring data of up to 625MB/s. That means you can copy the entire 64GB card in less than a minute.
  • Packs small. Plays big. The PGM0.5 has the same speed as our full-size readers but a form factor that makes it easy to take on the road.
  • Less prone to human errors. Since the Type C connector can be inserted in either direction, so can this reader. This eliminates the risk of damaging the connection when plugging it in a hurry.
  • Not only for mobile devices! Compatible with laptops and computers! Any laptop or a computer with a Type C USB port can take advantage of this memory card reader.

Never stop creating, no matter where you are!

Learn more about ProGrade Digital SDXC/microSDXC UHS-II Dual-Slot Mobile Card Reader USB-C 3.2 (PGM0.5).