By ProGrade Digital | April 12, 2022

In celebration of Earth Day 2022, we in ProGrade Digital are excited to announce that we are switching entirely to recyclable and naturally biodegradable packaging and donate approximately 1% of our future profits to 5 Gyres Institute, one of the leaders in the global movement against plastic pollution. Our new eco-friendly and environmentally safe packaging, made from renewable plant-based materials, debuts today.

“What’s the use of a great camera if you don’t have a planet to take pictures of.”

—Wes Brewer (CEO, ProGrade Digital)


The World Needs a Change

Plastic is presently the biggest foe of our global seas and marine life. It’s toxic, doesn’t decompose naturally, and wreaks havoc in the ecosystem. Plastic pollution aggravates climate change – it’s a grave threat to our planet that demands decisive action.

Photo by Silas Baisch

We Take Responsibility

“Plastic waste reduction has always been a goal of ours,” said Wes Brewer, ProGrade Digital’s CEO. “Our current packaging is already eco-friendly, but today, with a growing emphasis on global warming as well as with a tremendous problem of plastic waste, I felt that it was time to take another look at how we can further minimize the way our business contributes to these environmental problems.”

We celebrate this Earth Day by completely reimagining our packaging. All plastic memory card jewel cases will be replaced with environmentally friendly trays. These newly designed trays are made entirely of renewable materials, a unique blend of sugar cane fibers and wood pulp that will decompose in a landfill.

Today’s milestone builds on the substantial progress we in ProGrade have made over the years in reducing the environmental impact of plastic waste.

Supporting Communities

“To further maximize our impact, starting this year, we’re also donating approximately 1% of our net profits to the 5 Gyres Institute,” said Brewer. “If we all do our part, a little effort can make a huge impact.”

Plastic waste has sneaked into every nook and corner of the world. It threatens sea life in oceans, endangers wildlife in forests, and spreads toxins in the ice-covered glaciers. The 5 Gyres Institute is a leader in the global movement against plastic pollution. With over 1,800 ambassadors in 66 countries, 5 Gyres help drive local change to fight this global crisis.

“The vast majority of our plastic packaging is not recyclable, made from fossil fuels, and full of toxic chemicals that harm wildlife and humans,” says Anna Cummins, Co-Founder and Executive Director of 5 Gyres. “Stepping away from single-use plastic packaging is critical for solving our global plastics challenge. We need new innovations in sustainable packaging – from phasing out petroleum plastics to designing recyclable and reusable alternatives. We need to move towards biological materials that don’t contaminate communities and ecosystems. And we need companies like ProGrade Digital to demonstrate leadership, inspiring other brands to follow suit.”

“For a nonprofit organization like ours, working with corporate partners like ProGrade is hugely beneficial,” adds Anna Cummins. “It directly impacts our ability to fulfill our mission. Beyond financial support, which is, of course, a tremendous help, partnerships like this allow us to expand our audience and engage new communities with our messaging.”

The Whole New Unboxing Experience

We in ProGrade have empowered thousands of photo and videographers around the world to tell their stories through still and moving images. This new and planet-friendly version of packaging ensures the sustainability of that journey.

“Plastic waste is a huge issue. I’ve seen it on my travels all over the globe,” says Filipe DeAndrade, 20 Time NY Emmy Award-Winning producer, filmmaker, and photographer. “That’s why I partner with brands like ProGrade. I love working with companies that stand behind their products when it comes to durability, but also their environmental footprint.”

“It’s absolutely critical that we as human beings and storytellers focus on the issues that are threatening the livelihoods of not just wildlife but us as well,” adds DeAndrade, who is currently producing “Untamed” for National Geographic.

The primary purpose of packaging is to protect its contents throughout its logistics chain – from our factory to your home. So, once you’ve unpacked your brand new memory card, the packaging becomes obsolete. It could as well just vanish. And from today onwards, every ProGrade Digital package does just that – vanishes over time without leaving a trace. Almost like magic.

Happy Earth Day to you all! We hope you enjoy it to the fullest!