By ProGrade Digital | February 22, 2022

Ask any content creator, and they will tell you that quality and consistency are the cornerstones of creating successful content. But producing good quality content consistently is no easy feat. It takes a lot of effort, especially if you are one of those dedicated creators shooting your own photos and videos. You need a solid strategy, a functional system, and reliable tools to stay on top of things.

Whether you create content for your small business’s website, your blog, or your social media channels, time is of the essence. No matter what field you’re in, you’ll get outperformed by your competition if you are slow. Yet all those piling tasks can be discouraging and make you feel like there’s never enough time in the day. If so, keep reading, as this article is all about speeding up your workflow.

We in ProGrade Digital make the highest quality memory cards and workflow solutions for professional photographers and videographers, all with one goal: to give you peace of mind by eliminating obstacles on your path so you can focus on what you do best.

Faster Memory Cards Will Speed Up Your Workflow

Memory cards may look exactly the same, but they are not. In fact, two memory cards can be light-years apart from each other, even when they have the same capacity and carry the same speed class rating.

People often see memory cards merely as electronic storage devices. Something they have to have because their digital camera requires it. Not much thought is put into the selection process. Usually, only compatibility gets considered. At best, capacity as well. But speed, rarely.

In reality, memory cards affect your workflow more than the camera you are using it in. Slower cards can even completely nullify the performance gains of the fast computer. Hence, read and write speeds should almost always be considered before the capacity when choosing a memory card.

Take a look at the following image comparing the ProGrade Digital SD card to a consumer-grade SD card with commonly found attributes. At first glance, these cards may look equal. They both belong to the SDXC (Secure Digital Extended Capacity) family, they both have 64GB of storage space, and they both hold the same Speed Class rating (C10). In reality, however, these two cards are very different. For starters, the ProGrade Digital card uses the UHS-II bus interface instead of UHS-I and allows much faster data transfer rates because of it. ProGrade Digital memory card with a read speed of 300MB/s can transfer the entire card (64GB of data) to your computer in a little over three and a half minutes, while the other card with a read speed of 45MB/s takes almost half an hour to do the exact same job.

If you put out content weekly, more so if daily, these wasted minutes quickly become hours and even days. ProGrade Digital cards, built for professional use, allow you to save that time and produce content faster.

Don’t let the clever marketing tactics of many memory card manufacturers deceive you. Learn what all the markings and symbols on SD cards mean.

Professional Card Readers Eliminate Bottlenecks From Your Workflow

You can have the fastest memory card in the world, but without the proper card reader, its performance is severely limited. If your memory card can send out data at 300MB/s, but your reader can handle only 100MB/s, you are losing almost all the benefits of the fast card. Even the latest (2021) MacBook Pro’s built-in SD card readers are limited to 250MB/s.

ProGrade Digital SDXC workflow readers, meanwhile, allow data transfer speeds of up to 1.25GB/s. That is 1,280MB per second. Not to mention that you can copy two cards simultaneously. Something you can’t do on any laptop. That literally cuts half off your data transfer times.

In other words, copying two 64GB ProGrade Digital SDXC V90 memory cards using ProGrade Digital workflow reader saves you roughly 50 minutes, compared to copying previously mentioned consumer-grade cards one by one.

Three More Reasons to Use ProGrade Digital Memory Cards and Workflow Readers

Speeding up your content creation process is merely one side of the coin. The other is peace of mind. Not only do we test our cards and readers extensively to ensure the lowest possible field failure rate, but we also provide proprietary software designed to go hand in hand with our memory cards and readers.

  • Refresh Pro  is a completely unique software developed for ProGrade Digital cards and workflow readers. It allows you to monitor the health of your memory card and extend its lifespan by refreshing the flash memory back to factory new condition.
  • Recovery Pro is always there for you if the unexpected should happen. Data loss is the biggest nightmare for every content creator. Recovery Pro is designed to recover accidentally deleted photo and video files. It can even rescue corrupt images and retrieve content from a memory card you’ve formatted in a camera.
  • ProGrade Blog is filled with knowledge and inspiration. It’s a place where we share pro tips about all our products and about photography and cinematography in general. Check it out to get more out of your memory cards.
  • ProGrade Videos is where we showcase creators and the amazing things they are doing with ProGrade Digital products.  View these when you need some inspiration.


Speeding up your workflow is not necessarily about finding more time. Often you just need better tools. We hope you found this article useful, and we hope you consider transitioning to ProGrade Digital memory cards and workflow readers. It can save you an incredible amount of time each month. Everything left to do then is decide what you want to do with all that extra time at hand.