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Media Matters, Part 2

Secure Digital (SD) Card Breakdown
If you have an SD card that’s an SDXC UHS-II, U3, Class 10, V90, what do you really have? Let’s break down the ratings and descriptions.

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Why You Should Not Delete Photo Files On Your Memory Cards Using Your Camera

Best Practices For Digital Memory Cards, Part 1
You are on a shoot and realize your memory cards are getting close to full. The event has a few more hours to go. You did not bring backup cards. What can you do—start freeing up space by deleting files in-camera? It turns out this practice could be very bad for the memory card’s health…

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Fast Cars And Fast Cards: Whit Bazemore Gets Serious About Speed With ProGrade Digital

“Make it a goal to come away with one super great image”
Most likely every professional photographer receives lots of advice early in his or her career; I know I did. The one piece of advice I constantly applied, and still apply some 35 years later, is to approach a motorsport or sporting event shoot with the goal of coming away with one, and only one, super great image…

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