Prograde Digital Ambassador Jack Graham

Nature Photographer Jack Graham

Jack Graham is a professional photographer who, for the past twenty-five years, has developed imagery for conservation and environmental entities such as the Fish and Game Departments of California and Washington, plus the Mono Lake Committee. His images and articles are published in many of today’s photography publications. A classically trained musician, Jack learned early on that he prefers life outdoors; he estimates spending nearly 220 of his days each year trekking through nature.

Jack has penned educational eBooks and essays on topics that range from gear comparisons to tips for helping a photographer better envision a creation before touching the shutter button. Each month, Jack leads photography education workshops in locations around the United States, and the globe.

A Fuji Corporation X-Photographer, he relies on that company’s X Series cameras, paired with Fujinon lenses. He has served on the board of directors for NANPA (North American Nature Photography Association). Home is southeast of Seattle, Washington, in the heart of the Pacific Northwest.

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